Many of you have followed my story on Social Media starting when I was rescued from a Philadelphia residential fire days before Thanksgiving, 2015.

Here are some snap shots of my journey along the Good Red Road.


The Red Paw Emergency Relief Team rescues me from the fire and notes my coughing and symptoms of smoke inhalation. I am transported from the Germantown area of Philadelphia to Mt. Laurel Emergency Animal Hospital.


MooMoo oxygen unit twitter

At Mt. Laurel Emergency Animal Hospital I was placed in an oxygen unit and treated for smoke inhalation.  I had a persistent cough and to ensure that I didn’t develop pneumonia I was in the oxygen unit for two additional days. The cost of my medical treatment was paid for by Red Paw Facebook follower donations. I had over 350 Facebook followers raising more than $1500 in a matter of hours.


After recovering from smoke inhalation and ready for discharge from the Animal Hospital I learned my family had suffered devastating loss from the fire and was unable to take me back. I was surrendered for adoption.  Central Bark Daily Doggy Care — Philadelphia offered me foster care until my new forever home was found.


I asked Santa for a new forever family and home.




Yes, wishes do come true.  By mid-January I had a new family. In fact, keeping it in the family, so to speak, I was adopted by Red Paw Volunteers (they’re Giants and Phillies baseball fans, too).

2016-05-10 18.27.18-3

There’s nothing like Phillies hat and ball shaped dog cookies to show our team support.


Drexel 2

In May, 2016 we were invited to Drexel University to tell our Red Paw rescue story to students in Communication Class 286.  For a class project the students formed teams and prepared marketing proposals to help Red Paw increase awareness of the organization’s services.


A reunion with Jen Leary, Founder of Red Paw and my personal hero. Jen couldn’t believe how soft and beautiful my coat is — my fur has grown back where it was singed by fire. And I’ve gained a healthy 10 lbs — not as easy to pick up now as I was when we first met in a smoke filled basement of a burning building. Pictured with the Drexel Students.


It’s summer time now.  Time to smell the flowers, chew on a bone and enjoy the good life.

My name MooMooX­ieX­ie means thank you and is a reminder of how very grate­ful I am to all the peo­ple who helped save my life.

Chinese characters ( xiexie / xièxie ) with pronunciation (English translation: thank you )

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The Red Paw Emer­gency Relief Team mis­sion is to pro­vide relief and recov­ery for dis­placed pets and their peo­ple 24/7, and to ensure that ALL fam­i­ly mem­bers are tak­en care of dur­ing and after a dis­as­ter in their home.

Red Paw s an emer­gency ser­vices, non­prof­it orga­ni­za­tion that works in con­junc­tion with the Philadel­phia Office of Emer­gency Man­age­ment, the Philadel­phia Fire Depart­ment, the Amer­i­can Red Cross, and oth­er pub­lic and pri­vate dis­as­ter relief orga­ni­za­tions to pro­vide emer­gency assis­tance includ­ing search & res­cue, emer­gency trans­port, shel­ter, and vet­eri­nary care to ani­mals involved in fires and oth­er res­i­den­tial dis­as­ters.

 Thank you.