As of today, Sun­day, Hur­ri­cane Har­vey has been down­grad­ed to Trop­i­cal Storm sta­tus.

A flash flood emer­gency was in effect for parts of the Hous­ton area. Nation­al Weath­er Ser­vice and local offi­cials are advis­ing Hous­ton-area res­i­dents to avoid trav­el­ing.

Three to 4 inch­es of rain­fall were report­ed in the region in one hour’s time. 
“Stay put,” the Nation­al Weath­er Ser­vice said.
“It’s going to last four to five days,” said Hous­ton May­or Sylvester Turn­er, who urged dri­vers to stay off the road. “This is Day One.”

Hur­ri­cane Sea­son Ready


      • Bring all fur­ni­ture and out­door items inside.
      • Secure grills and larg­er out­door items.
      • Be sure to have a recent tetanus shot.
      • Fill bath­tubs, sinks and plas­tic bot­tles with clean water before hand.
      • Know where your main gas and pow­er shut offs are in your home.
      • Know how to turn off util­i­ties in your home.
      • Be aware of local emer­gency shel­ter loca­tions.

Pet Food

It is rec­om­mend­ed to have a two-week sup­ply of pet food per pet.  That is easy to do if you feed your ani­mals kib­ble and/or canned food.  Kib­ble can be kept in plas­tic con­tain­ers to stay fresh and dry.  But what if, like me, you feed a fresh raw diet?

  • Water – Bot­tles that con­tain fresh water. Ide­al­ly, you should have a gal­lon per per­son, per day (includ­ing pets)
  • Stock a vari­ety of fresh raw pet foods in freez­er.  Don’t over­stock in case of pow­er out­age.
  • Stock pantry with canned Sar­dines — great treat
  • Stock and store freeze dried raw foods and treats such as

    Primal Beef Formula Nuggets Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Dog Food

    Stella & Chewy’s Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Dog Food

    Bravo! Healthy Bites Salmon Freeze-Dried Cat Treats, 1-oz bag


My name MooMooX­ieX­ie means thank you and is a reminder of how very grate­ful I am to all the peo­ple who helped save my life.

Chinese characters ( xiexie / xièxie ) with pronunciation (English translation: thank you )