At last, the rain has passed, the sun is out, and the temperature has warmed to 70 degrees.  A perfect day for a Pitty Girl Spa treatment.

I pondered bathing MooMooXieXie in the upstairs soaking tub,the master bath walk-in shower, or the laundry room utility tub. She loves to sit next to the soaking tub and watch me bath. Would she love her spa treatment so much that she’d leap into the water whenever she heard or saw water running?

The practical choice was the laundry room tub with its high counter tops and deep sink. Lifting the 50 pound wiggly girl into the tub was easy.  She appeared curious and had an appreciative look in her eyes as the warm water drizzled down her body.



1 Pitty in the Tub with MooMooXieXie

When I work I like to set an intention for how an animal will respond. Positive and loving vibes surround our space.  My intention today is to take an additional step in the detox protocol.

Before selecting a shampoo I reviewed an article in Dogs Naturally Magazine, “20 Ingredients You Don’t Want In Your Dog’s Shampoo” to ensure that I was not causing more harm than good. I found “Organic Oscar – Organic Oatmeal Shampoo” at my local Pet Valu Store.  For future baths I hope to do more research for a coconut based shampoo.

Rub-a-dub-dub.  There was no room in the tub – certainly not the butcher, the baker nor the candlestick maker!

The largest detox organ for both humans and dogs is the skin. A gentle massage stimulates the pores to open. And of course, generates lots of wiggles from a joyful dog.

For the rinse I add 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar to one gallon of warm water. The apple cider vinegar rinse was the final step in MooMooXiaXia’s Spring detox protocol.  This final phase would benefit her skin and make her fur silky soft.

bath (5)

1 Pitty in the Tub


What I was not expecting was the truly clean and radiant white look her coat would have. Great overall experience – looking forward to the next Pitty Girl Spa Day!


Pitty Spa Day


My name MooMooXieXie means thank you and is a reminder of how very grateful I am to all the people who helped save my life.

Chinese characters ( xiexie / xièxie ) with pronunciation (English translation: thank you )