At last, the rain has passed, the sun is out, and the tem­per­a­ture has warmed to 70 degrees.  A per­fect day for a Pit­ty Girl Spa treat­ment.

I pon­dered bathing MooMooX­ieX­ie in the upstairs soak­ing tub,the mas­ter bath walk-in show­er, or the laun­dry room util­i­ty tub. She loves to sit next to the soak­ing tub and watch me bath. Would she love her spa treat­ment so much that she’d leap into the water when­ev­er she heard or saw water run­ning?

The prac­ti­cal choice was the laun­dry room tub with its high counter tops and deep sink. Lift­ing the 50 pound wig­gly girl into the tub was easy.  She appeared curi­ous and had an appre­cia­tive look in her eyes as the warm water driz­zled down her body.



1 Pit­ty in the Tub with MooMooX­ieX­ie

When I work I like to set an inten­tion for how an ani­mal will respond. Pos­i­tive and lov­ing vibes sur­round our space.  My inten­tion today is to take an addi­tion­al step in the detox pro­to­col.

Before select­ing a sham­poo I reviewed an arti­cle in Dogs Nat­u­ral­ly Mag­a­zine, “20 Ingre­di­ents You Don’t Want In Your Dog’s Sham­poo” to ensure that I was not caus­ing more harm than good. I found “Organ­ic Oscar — Organ­ic Oat­meal Sham­poo” at my local Pet Valu Store.  For future baths I hope to do more research for a coconut based sham­poo.

Rub-a-dub-dub.  There was no room in the tub — cer­tain­ly not the butch­er, the bak­er nor the can­dle­stick mak­er!

The largest detox organ for both humans and dogs is the skin. A gen­tle mas­sage stim­u­lates the pores to open. And of course, gen­er­ates lots of wig­gles from a joy­ful dog.

For the rinse I add 1/4 cup apple cider vine­gar to one gal­lon of warm water. The apple cider vine­gar rinse was the final step in MooMooXiaXia’s Spring detox pro­to­col.  This final phase would ben­e­fit her skin and make her fur silky soft.

bath (5)

1 Pit­ty in the Tub


What I was not expect­ing was the tru­ly clean and radi­ant white look her coat would have. Great over­all expe­ri­ence — look­ing for­ward to the next Pit­ty Girl Spa Day!


Pit­ty Spa Day


My name MooMooX­ieX­ie means thank you and is a reminder of how very grate­ful I am to all the peo­ple who helped save my life.

Chinese characters ( xiexie / xièxie ) with pronunciation (English translation: thank you )