As Big E’s caregiver I could not determine his fate without asking him what he  wanted. Should we authorize surgery, commit to drugs and frequent feedings, or end his life? Under the influence of a high dose of steroids his eyes were glassy and unfocused, he avoided physical contact, and preferred to sleep.  This sentient and sensitive being could not vocalize what he needed or wanted us to do.   Jim and I weighed the pros and cons of surgery.  It was hard to give a vote of confidence to an invasive procedure when there was no abnormality visible on imagery.  Surgery felt like a fishing expedition.   A regiment of steroids and frequent feedings had short and long term consequences, too.

I wanted desperately to read Big E’s energy, but I was emotionally attached and too close to the situation. Drugs masked his expressions.  I reached out to my spiritual mentor and asked her to read Big E’s energy.  It seemed that what Big E wanted was to be at home with Jim and I, and to be loved. He wanted mercy.


A dictionary definition of Mercy  describes kind or compassionate treatment; a disposition to be  forgiving or helpful; a thing to be thankful for.

Continuing to explore what was best for Big E I reached out to a holistic homeopathic veterinarian that I had worked with fifteen years ago when we had another dog with a chronic dis-ease. I was surprised when the holistic veterinarian agreed to take Big E’s case.  Holistic veterinarian medicine might tag Big E’s core issue(s) as: over vaccinating, pour diet, environment, and/or pesticides. A holistic homeopathic perspective would look at Big E as a whole being with an imbalance and not just a single dis-eased organ. Following Homeopathy’s Laws of Similars and like cures like, we opted to change Big E’s diet, reduce his steroid dosage, and to commence treatment with homeopathic remedies.

The art and science of classic homeopathy isn’t a quick fix. Homeopathic remedies are prescribed based on symptoms and  asking corresponding questions. There are varying responses to a remedy and finding an effective remedy is a calling for a trained and experienced homeopathy. Finding the right remedy for Big E has been a challenge. Three months have passed since we embarked down this  healing  road. Almost on a daily basis my heart has been cracked open and shattered into pieces watching Big E’s vital force reject or negatively react to any kind of treatment.

Extreme winter weather tossed some extraordinarily rough patches in our path. Big E experienced a Grand mal seizure during a major snow storm. It took  45 minutes to drive  to our primary veterinarian clinic – a route that typically takes only 5 minutes. A loss of power displaced us  from our home for five days.  Fortunately we stayed in a Marriott facility with a full kitchen that enabled us to prepare Big E’s fresh meals, walk him at predawn in bitter cold snow, and nurture the love beneath the comforter of a king size bed. A second grand mal seizure  happened in the parking lot of the Marriott. I’ve learned how to  watch grand mal seizures carefully for any sign that indicates a need to take him to a veterinarian clinic.

I gave up trying to work outside the home. Since the first of the year I’ve cancelled travel plans and continue to decline all social invitations.  I devote myself 24/7 to Big E’s feeding, walking, and monitoring.  I keep detail notes of his symptoms and responses to remedies.  I won’t leave him alone. Any outings are arranged to coincide with times when Jim can be at home with Big E.

Big E with JMR

More than once we’ve heard that most homeopath’s won’t touch an insulinoma diagnosis.  We are truly grateful to ALL, alopathic, holistic, and homeopathic veterinarians who have consulted with us. Big E’s treatment has become a customized process of frequent feedings of fresh raw protein (beef, chicken, fish) augmented with prescribed supplements, a low dose of steroids, and prescribed homeopathic remedies.

We have taken the best results from multiple holistic and homeopathic veterinarians with a shift away  from classic homeopathy. Classic homeopathy prescribes one remedy at a time followed by a waiting period to interpret results. Currently we are working with a homeopathic veterinarian whose specialty is  cancer patients.

At this time Big E is following a  protocol  of two prescribed remedies given simultaneously. There is hope that the steroids will be eliminated in the near future. His current steroid dose  is very low for a 60 pound dog.

Today, my heart sings. We are seeing some favorable treatment responses. 

Caring for Big E is a blessing, an act of divine favor, and compassion for all his caregivers.