I’ve been a raw food advocate for over twenty years.  I started working with Dr. Dee Blanco when Auggie Doggie, a beagle-basset mix developed a challenging skin allergy.  His symptoms included chewing the fur all over his body until he was hairless and looked like a red skinned, plucked chicken.  After cycles of prescribed steroids to no avail, my vet’s last straw recommendation was a consultation at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine for some form of chemotherapy.  This made no sense to me, because Auggie had not been diagnosed with cancer.

I turned to holistic veterinary medicine and began consulting with vets up and down the coast of California exploring homeopathy, herbs, and acupuncture.

Auggie’s skin eruptions stumped everyone, until one day a San Francisco homeopathic vet suggested I reach out to Dr. Dee Blanco in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I had one phone consultation with Dr. Dee during which she suggested a bath comprised of 3 Chinese herbs that I could easily purchase, at that time, from Whole Foods Grocers.  The next step would be to switch Auggie’s diet from a commercial diet to a fresh raw meat diet.

The herb bath was a miracle.  Auggie Doggie stopped chewing.  I followed up with Dr. Dee and started a protocol of homeopathic remedies to work on the deeper issues of imbalance. Long story short, Auggie stopped chewing on his fur, his hair grew back and he thrived on the raw food diet.

Beginning with Auggie Doggie and continuing with my current pit bull, Moo Moo Xie Xie, I feed only a fresh-varied-clean diet.

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