I’ve been a raw food advo­cate for over twen­ty years.  I start­ed work­ing with Dr. Dee Blan­co when Aug­gie Dog­gie, a bea­gle-bas­set mix devel­oped a chal­leng­ing skin aller­gy.  His symp­toms includ­ed chew­ing the fur all over his body until he was hair­less and looked like a red skinned, plucked chick­en.  After cycles of pre­scribed steroids to no avail, my vet’s last straw rec­om­men­da­tion was a con­sul­ta­tion at UC Davis School of Vet­eri­nary Med­i­cine for some form of chemother­a­py.  This made no sense to me, because Aug­gie had not been diag­nosed with can­cer.

I turned to holis­tic vet­eri­nary med­i­cine and began con­sult­ing with vets up and down the coast of Cal­i­for­nia explor­ing home­opa­thy, herbs, and acupunc­ture.

Auggie’s skin erup­tions stumped every­one, until one day a San Fran­cis­co home­o­path­ic vet sug­gest­ed I reach out to Dr. Dee Blan­co in San­ta Fe, New Mex­i­co.  I had one phone con­sul­ta­tion with Dr. Dee dur­ing which she sug­gest­ed a bath com­prised of 3 Chi­nese herbs that I could eas­i­ly pur­chase, at that time, from Whole Foods Gro­cers.  The next step would be to switch Auggie’s diet from a com­mer­cial diet to a fresh raw meat diet.

The herb bath was a mir­a­cle.  Aug­gie Dog­gie stopped chew­ing.  I fol­lowed up with Dr. Dee and start­ed a pro­to­col of home­o­path­ic reme­dies to work on the deep­er issues of imbal­ance. Long sto­ry short, Aug­gie stopped chew­ing on his fur, his hair grew back and he thrived on the raw food diet.

Begin­ning with Aug­gie Dog­gie and con­tin­u­ing with my cur­rent pit bull, Moo Moo Xie Xie, I feed only a fresh-var­ied-clean diet.

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