Liv­ing in a pes­ti­cide and chem­i­cal free world is one of my “work in progress” goals.  We use only organ­ic fer­til­iz­er on the lawn and we keep “Con­nie Composter’s” bel­ly filled with car­rot peels and apple cores to nour­ish the gar­den soil. But some­times dan­ger lurks in places I least expect.

I was enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly mov­ing fur­ni­ture and trans­fer­ring cloth­ing from the guest room clos­et in prepa­ra­tion for the painter’s arrival the fol­low­ing day. I lift­ed a large box from the floor of the clos­et and car­ried it upstairs to store until after the paint­ing was com­plete.  As I set the box down I heard an unusu­al­ly sound com­ing from the guest room below.

Quick­ly I ran down­stairs just in time to see MooMooX­i­aX­ia lick­ing a wrap­per on the floor.

O, No!  Rodent Poi­son!

I imme­di­ate­ly called my Vet Clin­ic ask­ing if I could bring MooMooX­i­aX­ia in right away.  The recep­tion­ist asked me to hold for a Tech­ni­cian.  With the clock tick­ing, the Tech­ni­cian came on the line to inform me that I need­ed to call Poi­son Con­trol.  I asked for the phone num­ber and again was placed on hold. Appar­ent­ly the num­ber had to be researched. Final­ly the Tech­ni­cian came back on the line and gave me a toll free num­ber.

Poison Control # 1 800 213 6680

What do I do after I talk to Poi­son Con­trol?  Do I bring MooMooX­i­aX­ia into to see the Vet?  The tech­ni­cian calm­ly informs me, “No, Poi­son Con­trol will tell you what to do.”

There’s a $49 fee for Poi­son Con­trol to research a poi­son pro­ce­dure.  I agreed to pay the fee and was then asked a series of ques­tions:

  1. Name of poi­son
  2. Weight of dog
  3. Could I read the EPA #? Unfor­tu­nate­ly, MooMooX­i­aX­ia had eat­en that part of the wrap­per, but I could pro­vide the chem­i­cal per­cent­ages.
  4. I was then asked to hold while cal­cu­la­tions were made

The good news — there was an anec­dote for this com­po­si­tion; that’s not true for all poi­sons, par­tic­u­lar­ly some of the new­er ones.

Did I feel com­fort­able induc­ing vom­it­ing? Yes, I was com­fort­able with try­ing.  I was then giv­en instruc­tions to induce vom­it­ing using a spe­cif­ic amount of Hydro­gen Per­ox­ide fol­lowed by run­ning MooMooX­i­aX­ia around for ten min­utes until she vom­its. If, that didn’t work, I was to repeat the Hydro­gen Per­ox­ide with a dif­fer­ent dosage and again run her around until she vom­it­ed.

It took the two sep­a­rate dos­es of Hydro­gen Per­ox­ide before MooMooX­i­aX­ia suc­cess­ful­ly vom­it­ed.  I could see the red pel­lets in her vom­it thus con­firm­ing she had indeed ingest­ed the poi­son. Because I had caught MooMooX­i­aX­ia in the act of eat­ing the poi­son I felt fair­ly con­fi­dent that she threw up what she’d eat­en. Then again, I can’t know for cer­tain how much poi­son she had ingest­ed.

Poi­son Con­trol gave me the name of the anec­dote and said “any Vet­eri­nar­i­an Clin­ic will car­ry it.”  Poi­son Con­trol gave us a case num­ber and said we could call back with ques­tions any­time.

I fol­lowed up with a call to my Vet Clin­ic to ask if they had the anec­dote. If my Vet Clin­ic didn’t stock the anec­dote then my plan was to locate an Emer­gency Vet Hos­pi­tal that did.

The good news is MooMooX­i­aX­ia start­ed on the anec­dote imme­di­ate­ly and will remain on it for 25 days.  Liq­uid Char­coal was also pre­scribed to pre­vent any absorp­tion of the poi­son in her intestines and she also had blood tests to mea­sure her blood clot­ting time.  The blood test will be repeat­ed after she has com­plet­ed the pre­scribed anec­dote.

Lessons Learned:

  • Clean all cab­i­nets and clos­ets to ensure poi­son free.
  • Add Poi­son Con­trol phone num­ber to Con­tacts for quick access.
  • Add “induc­ing vom­it” to my list of skills.

I’m deeply grate­ful that MooMooX­i­aX­ia is alive and hope­ful­ly the next round of blood tests will con­firm in good health.