MooMoo and I spent our first week together singing the lyrics from the Rodgers and Hammerstein stage musical, The King And I

It’s a very ancient saying 

But a true and honest thought

That if you become a teacher

By your pupils you’ll be taught

MooMoo was a little off beat, this being her first stage tune in a new home, but we quickly settled into a harmony for getting to know one another.  The pattern of her coat is a black and white patchwork similar to a Holstein cow; hence her original name, MooMoo. She’s a two year old with a lean physique and clipped ears that remind me of butterfly wings.

Previously MooMoo lived in a home with six siblings and a couple cats.  Shortly before Thanksgiving their family home in a suburban area of Philadelphia was destroyed by fire.  MooMoo was hospitalized for smoke inhalation.  Sadly, the cost and devastating loss of their home left the pet owners with a very difficult decision to make. MooMoo was surrendered by her owners to Red Paw Emergency Relief Team for  adoption.

Getting to know you

Getting to know all about you

Getting to like you

Getting to hope you like me

What do those chocolate brown eyes reflect?

MooMoo seems to navigate towards parked cars and stands at the passenger door waiting to be invited in.

Is MooMoo confused and worried she can’t find  her home – the one filled with dogs and cats?

Can she trust me to understand and relate to her? Or does she look to me as just one more UBER driver ready to escort her to a new destination?

Haven’t you noticed 

Suddenly I’m bright and breezy?

Because of all the beautiful and new

Things I’m learning about you

Day by day

MooMoo’s story has a mythical quality.  She’s like the mythical phoenix bird rising to be reborn. Symbolically the phoenix conjures up an image of creative and destructive fire.The Taoist called the phoenix the cinnabar bird, cinnabar being red sulphur of mercury. The action of sulphur upon mercury “kills” it and as it transmutes it produces cinnabar, the medicine of immortality. MooMoo has lost one home and  family to be reborn with a new name, a new home, and into a new story.


Day by day we will learn more about what that loss of home and family means to a two year old canine and how our new relationship will transmute and produce healing.

Moo Moo has an extended name: MooMooXiaXia. In Chinese Xie Xie means thank you.  I added Xie Xie to her name to honor and express appreciation to those who came to her rescue: the Philadelphia Fire Department and Red Paw Emergency Relief Team volunteers, the public donations made to Red Paw to help pay for  emergency medical care, and  to the volunteers who fostered and helped find a new home.

As student and teacher we are here to play. A kind of healing to share with all we come in contact with.