I am Diane Coffey, the founding owner at K9 Totem Connections.  My connection to dogs is reflected in the image of the canine / human totem symbolizing a natural relationship to family and community.  The origin of the word totem means mark of my family. In nature a dog pack functions like a family and carries a similar social structure. 

Dogs feel safe and secure when they are part of a family and have established roles. Developing a relationship with each dog requires that I try to listen carefully, like I would pay attention and tune into the expressions of a human friend. Dogs communicate somatically, through body language and nonverbal communications.

Tending the needs of these beloved creatures – their physical, emotional, psychological, spirit/soul, intellectual and surrounding environment, gives shape and rhythm to my life. The instinctual reality of the animal world grounds me in ways unlike other work. 

I write, create art and travel daily in the company of dogs. With each twist and turn along the path I try to stay open to the places they may take me and to the sights and sounds I might have missed were it not for them.

Seeking to know dogs more fully I find myself digging beneath the dirt and struggling for fluency in their native language. Subtle shifts in ears, tails and other body parts tell a story I need to interpret and properly respond to.

Behavioral problems may arise when a dog is feeling more tension that they are able to handle or release.  This is a key recognition that will help provide insight into a specific behavior problem and identify steps for resolution. Understanding how and why dogs behave the way they do shifts our perspective. 

As with any relationship, a fuller understanding of ourselves and what we carry on the journey is necessary.  Of all the gifts dogs can offer, perhaps the greatest is the opportunity to delve deeper inside ourselves without judgment or timetables, with patience and an amazing capacity for forgiveness.

Dogs are noble animals. Their loyalty may supersede how humans treat them. Dog tend to have a compassionate understanding of human shortcomings.

I’ve made it my life’s work to help others better understand dogs and to help them to explore new depths in their relationship. You may find the energy of the K9 Totem speaks to you in ways that are relevant to your own personality or circumstances. Energy has a face and we can call upon it at anytime.

Please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email: k9.totemconnection@gmail.com, I’d love to connect with you.