Auggie Doggie 4

Jim adopted Auggie Doggie, a Beagle Basset Mix, from Philadelphia’s Morris Animal Refuge.  Together, along with felines Mr. Bates and Ashbury, they moved from a Philadelphia row home to San Francisco’s Castro District. The menagerie completed their little family when Jim and Diane were married at a location overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Together the blended family created memorable moments.

Auggie Doggie loved riding in the car and was Diane’s constant companion accompanying her on business calls and errands. Truth be told, Augggie Doggie had abandonment issues and refused to stay home.  When Jim and Diane traveled out of town on business or vacation Auggie Doggie went too.  Dog friendly hotels often had him listed in their guest data base. It was not unusual for room service to welcome Auggie Doggie with a ground beef patty in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Jim and Auggie Doggie loved to take long walks; often traversing steep city hills and wandering along paths overlooking the San Francisco Bay. It was on a walk through Dolores Park when Auggie tore his right anterior cruciate ligament. Surgery repaired the ligament and Jim diligently followed up with physical therapy exercises to rehab the injured leg.

Augie Doggie 2


Jim and Auggie Doggie were able to resume modified walks; but eighteen months later the left ACL ruptured.  This time, surgery was not recommended.  Auggie Doggie now had to be carried up steps, lifted into the car, and he could only walk short distances.




Auggie Doggie 3



We bought a Radio Flyer Red Wagon and Jim returned to walking the streets of San Francisco and pulling Auggie Doggie in the wagon. Auggie Doggie’s little red wagon became like his coat of arms – recognized by many.






Always a very engaged pooch Jim made frequent stops along his walk for Auggie to socialize with his dog buddies and their people.  Auggie Doggie was a treasured member of our family.  He was 17 years old when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Jim and Diane have brought Auggie Doggie’s legacy full circle by returning to Philadelphia with Auggie Doggie’s Red Wagon.  Our desire is to continue to create new memories by putting Auggie Doggie’s little red wagon back into service by initiating the first annual neighborhood Happy Howl-o-Ween pet food donation event to help fill Philadelphia’s Red Paw Emergency Relief Team’s Wish List.

The Red Paw Emergency Relief Team is an emergency service, nonprofit organization that assists pets displaced by fires and disasters in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware Counties.

To read more about Red Paw Emergency Relief Team (Click here to visit website).