MooMooXieXie had her first experience attending a college class this week. Students in Drexel University’s Communication 286 Class teamed up to present public relation projects to the leadership of Red Paw Emergency Relief Team. As an introduction to the team presentations Diane and MooMooXieXie shared their story with the students.

Drexel 3

The class project objectives included identifying ways to expand awareness of the services provided by Red Paw, increase volunteer participation, and identify fundraising opportunities. Four teams presented their ideas using the classroom’s “Smart” technology for displaying PowerPoint slides and video taping of the presentations.


Each team had several creative ideas and some innovative approaches. The winning team will be selected by Red Paw Leadership based on the proposal’s original ideas, feasibility and implementation strategies. MooMooXieXie can hardly wait to hear the final results – from her perspective all the students are winners!

BTW – MooMooXieXie has put on a couple pounds since the last time Jen picked her up and held her.