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Adapting to change is an ongoing process.  My big leap this year was upgrading my iPhone 4 to an iPhone 7.  I also replaced the first edition of Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats first published in 1982 with the fourth edition updated and revised in 2017.

Learning to feed my dog fresh, varied and clean foods has taught me to look at the human diet and to make vital shifts in my own nutrition. The first couple chapter in Dr. Pitcairn’s 4th Edition speaks to all species.

Chapter 2 What’s Really in Pet Food

It is common knowledge that most of the rise in chronic disease has come from unfortunate changes in our food, as well as what we choose to eat.

Chapter 3 What’s happening to All Our Food?

Glyphosate: A Prime Suspect

Chapter 4 Loving the Earth…and All Animals

Each Day a Person Eats Plant Based Saves About:

1,100 gallons of fresh water

45 pounds of grain

30 square feet of forest

20 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents going into the atmosphere

Enough fossil fuel to drive 46 miles

One animal’s life

Chapter 5 Healthy, Humane, and Sustainable:  New Diets for a New Era

When you thoughtfully seek an answer to a complex, controversial, and urgent issue, you never know what you might find.  You might find an unsolvable dilemma.  What we found rather quickly and easily, was an elegant answer:  At the very same time that this meaty trend was developing, many other people had been quietly and patiently exploring other ways to feed animals. (….a must read chapter)

Chapter 6 Recipes for Today

Fresh and flexible.  Rather than using fixed recipes that can to repeat the same ingredients day after day, flexible and fresh draws from a rich array of fresh, whole organic foods.

In the end it comes down to a lifestyle change, a new perspective. We start with caring for our animal companions, wanting to protect them.  With time, we come to feel that same caring for all creatures, and especially for Mother Earth.

Reviewers call this a gem of a book with cutting-edge research, innovative thinking, a guide for pets and their people.