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Adapt­ing to change is an ongo­ing process.  My big leap this year was upgrad­ing my iPhone 4 to an iPhone 7.  I also replaced the first edi­tion of Dr. Pitcairn’s Com­plete Guide to Nat­ur­al Health for Dogs and Cats first pub­lished in 1982 with the fourth edi­tion updat­ed and revised in 2017.

Learn­ing to feed my dog fresh, var­ied and clean foods has taught me to look at the human diet and to make vital shifts in my own nutri­tion. The first cou­ple chap­ter in Dr. Pitcairn’s 4th Edi­tion speaks to all species.

Chap­ter 2 What’s Real­ly in Pet Food

It is com­mon knowl­edge that most of the rise in chron­ic dis­ease has come from unfor­tu­nate changes in our food, as well as what we choose to eat.

Chap­ter 3 What’s hap­pen­ing to All Our Food?

Glyphosate: A Prime Sus­pect

Chap­ter 4 Lov­ing the Earth…and All Ani­mals

Each Day a Per­son Eats Plant Based Saves About:

1,100 gal­lons of fresh water

45 pounds of grain

30 square feet of for­est

20 pounds of car­bon diox­ide equiv­a­lents going into the atmos­phere

Enough fos­sil fuel to dri­ve 46 miles

One animal’s life

Chap­ter 5 Healthy, Humane, and Sus­tain­able:  New Diets for a New Era

When you thought­ful­ly seek an answer to a com­plex, con­tro­ver­sial, and urgent issue, you nev­er know what you might find.  You might find an unsolv­able dilem­ma.  What we found rather quick­ly and eas­i­ly, was an ele­gant answer:  At the very same time that this meaty trend was devel­op­ing, many oth­er peo­ple had been qui­et­ly and patient­ly explor­ing oth­er ways to feed ani­mals. (.…a must read chap­ter)

Chap­ter 6 Recipes for Today

Fresh and flex­i­ble.  Rather than using fixed recipes that can to repeat the same ingre­di­ents day after day, flex­i­ble and fresh draws from a rich array of fresh, whole organ­ic foods.

In the end it comes down to a lifestyle change, a new per­spec­tive. We start with car­ing for our ani­mal com­pan­ions, want­i­ng to pro­tect them.  With time, we come to feel that same car­ing for all crea­tures, and espe­cial­ly for Moth­er Earth.

Review­ers call this a gem of a book with cut­ting-edge research, inno­v­a­tive think­ing, a guide for pets and their peo­ple.