1/31/17 Before you toss eggshells out with the trash check out two recipes for making  mineral rich calcium.
Dog Nutritional Calcium Supplement Secret #1: Rinse and air dry egg shells. Place on a cookie sheet in a 325 degree oven and bake for 10 minutes.  Grind the baked shells to a fine powder using a clean coffee grinder or blender.  Store in a clean, dry air-tight container. Eggshell powder will last indefinitely if kept dry. Dose: 1,000 mg calcium per 1,000 kcal/ME (metabolizable energy). Consult with your veterinarian for the proper dosage.

I feed a fresh, varied and cleaned diet to my dog.  I combine fresh protein with vegetables, fruits and some grains.I  buy organic ingredients free from hormones and NonGMOs. A fresh raw meat diet in particular requires a calcium supplement. Dogs need a lot of calcium to support the body’s skeleton, teeth, and brain function.

Other sources of calcium include goat milk, bananas, dark leafy greens, and sea vegetables (nori, kombu, wakami). BTW  I don’t use bone meal powder supplement because they can be contaminated with heavy metals, such as lead and aluminum.

Tomato-Growing Secret #2:  Air-dry egg shells, crush fine, and mix into the soil around the roots.  Shells will turn bone-dry in just a day.  Add a dozen crushed egg shells to each planting hole.

How does your garden grow? Long wet spells, long dry spells, and/or alternating drought and flood can cause the fruits to go bad on the bottom. Eggshells add calcium to the soil and help avoid blossom-end rot. Now watch your beautiful tomatoes ripen.


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